National Mosaic Radar Image: Full Resolution Loop

Connect with Clients

Easily access your database of past clients and link those to current hails storms.

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Accurate Storm Data

Combine real weather data with eye witness accounts for precise hail activity.

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Local County Permits

Pull up local roof permits in the hail swath paths to determine targeted contacts.

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What makes NextHail unique?

Having been the owner of a roofing company for almost 10 years, I noticed some gaps in the several software/map offering that I have used over the years.

Although I had many ideas on how to improve productivity and increase our efficiencies, I never had the time to do anything about it...until now.

Having used NextHail in our business, I now feel it is time to share this tremendous tool with others.

Just a few ROI stats:

  • Client retention up 25%

  • Revenues increased by 30%

  • Overstaffing occurences decreased by 25%